Magic Sun

Magic Sun is a tanning salon in Dej, the place where the positive energy of sunlight never goes away. Whatever the weather, at Magic Sun you can enjoy a few moments of relaxation, while you get a uniform and fast tan.

Located on no. 3 Mihai Viteazul Street in Radio Stil building in Dej, the Magic Sun tanning salon awaits you with the latest equipment.
MegaSun Optima – is offered to customers at Magic Sun is a wave of freshness to the face and neck, moisturizing and a good portion of vitamin D. The powerful collagen boosters provides moisturizing for the face and neck, revitalizing, relaxing and detoxifying the skin. Our P2 tubes for Vitamin D has positive bio effects on the body due to vitamin D. The ruby collagen boosters combined with P2 tubes have an effect because of unprecedented intensive hydration.

For the first time booster collagen they rubies are used in a vertical tanning unit – Optima. 100 power LEDs are used in the top of the device to provide positive effects of skin collagen and a serving of extra-hydration, which leads to better results and it comes to tanning.

Therapy collagen and its beneficial effects:
– Stimulates collagen and elastin production
– Facilitates skin regeneration
– Has an anti-inflammatory effect
– Activates blood circulation
– Positive results for diseases such as neurodermatitis and acne
– Improves overall condition, improving health
No need to make any compromises when it comes to beauty and health.

The Space 3000 vertical tanner is very suitable for the fitness due to its VibraNano board, but you can enjoy it and Magic Sun Dej!

VibraNano plate is a plate vibrator through which abdominals, legs post and you are stimulated by mimicking natural movements – just like fitness. Plate vibration massage activates fat burning, enhance body strength, stimulates blood circulation and supports the muscle structure – all without a strenuous gym.

Sun Magic salon all customers receive a discount of 15% with an 80 minute monthly subscription. Also, all customers benefit from the salon special price of 1.20 lei / minute (instead of 1.40 lei / minute) to purchase a minimum of 10 minutes.

At Magic Sun the sun never sets!

Program: Monday – Saturday: 12 pm – 8 pm
Telephone: 0742 007 635

CityCard offers provided by this location

BCR City Card TOP City Card
At Magic Sun, you benefit from a 10% discount with City Card fromthe value of purchased minutes.