The online store specializing in medical and personal care devices. We offer thermometers, blood glucose meters, blood pressure instruments, aerosol and personal car devices. Speedy delivery in Romania by courier.

You’re young, you play sports, you get hit, and you need to recover? Do you have suffering parents or are they simply elderly, who need medical accessories and equipment? In both cases, the solution may be Medicland, the largest and varied “supermarket” of health care products in Romania.

The Medicland store addresses doctors, nurses, medical students, and the general public, providing about 20,000 products from various categories: products for health care (aerosols, humidifiers, saline, blood pressure, including Riester, thermometers, glucometers, Hartmann dressings, bandages, plasters, adult diapers and tampones, medical accessories) personal care products (devices for massage, electrotherapy, facial sauna, electric pillows and blankets, ear plugs, products for mother and baby),  cosmetics, orthopedic products (chairs and wheelchairs, canes and crutches, frames, chairs for WC and shower, support frames, including folding mattresses antiescare, orthopedic stockings, medical rehabilitation products for people with disabilities), orthopedics ( cervical collars, orthosis for arm, elbow, shoulder, finger, abdomen, knee, calf, ankle, chest, back, groin and more), medical furniture, laboratory equipment, medical devices and equipment (scales, ECG, stethoscopes, including Littmann, otoscopes, medical uniforms, gowns, medical slippers, surgical gloves, supplies, kits and equipment for first aid, oximeters), devices for home (food packaging, cups filters, scales for babies, electronics with body analyzer, pedometers, sterilizers, beds and sofas, partitions, etc).

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