Cluj is a tasty city. Literally. It’s a city that has become increasingly rich with diverse culinary offerings. For those who have not yet learned in Cluj we can also taste Mexican specialties. Are you curious? Well, in the comfortable surroundings of Pokka Cafe Bistro – on no. 1 Hermann Oberth Street vis-a-vis the Conservatory – you are invited to taste not only traditional Romanian dishes but also the diverse range of Tex-Mex dishes.
Perhaps you already realize that Tex-Mex refers to those dishes that combine ingredients from the American space of culinary ideas as well as those from Mexican cuisine. Pokka Bistro Cafe is the only restaurant in Cluj that offers a wide range of Tex-Mex cuisine dishes that will leave your mouth watering without catching fire.
The rich and exotic tastes await you! You can try, for example, burritos and nachos, barbecue burger, burger classic, the Tex Mex burger or Quesadilla, chilli con carne, enchiladas rojas authentically prepared by the restaurant’s Mexican chef. And if you want to enjoy the very special dishes, we recommend some delicious combinations: pork with mango sauce or pork chop with peanut sauce. And because a portion of burrito ever go accompanied by a delicious drink, you can also try the Mexican beer Micheladas.

Program: Monday – Thursday: 8am – 11pm;  Friday: 8am – 1am;  Saturday: 10am – 1am;  Sunday: 10am – 11pm


0755 076 552

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