Restaurant MyChicken offers the most precious of Lebanese cuisine dishes and more. Trout, lamb chops, grilled dishes, soups, and fish are just some of the dishes found in the menu.
Among the salads you will find: Lebanese olive salad, salad with pita bread and cheese, shrimp salad with yogurt, fatoush and tabule.

The Lebanese people have their own ritual of eating. It begins with cold appetizer, then continue with the hot courses – grilled fish, beef, or chicken followed by desert. The meal ends with drinks such as wine, tea, or coffee with hookah. The names of culinary products in Lebanon, like Fattoush, Shish Taouk or Ras Asfour are not as famous as bruschetta or paella from the same Mediterranean world, but it sure to delight your senses.
If you want to enjoy the goodies of “My Chicken King” at home, you have the option of ordering from home.

Program: Monday – Sunday: 11am – 11pm


0768 745 556
0732 468 498

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