Ristorante Neptunus Brasov awaits you to come taste enjoy delicious Italian Mediterranean cuisine and traditional dishes that will delight your taste buds. As for our attention and name, with its mythological resonances, Ristorante Neptunus specializes in fish and seafood, Ischitana-Neapolitan cuisine.
Creativity, friendliness, and family atmosphere offers guests, besides the tasty food, a reason to return again and again. Ristorante Neptunus Brasov knows that fish is one of the healthiest and most popular foods are often more easily digested, depending on how it is prepared – hence the attention to how it is cooked and served to customers.
“The food is poetry … the sensations and moods blends with aromas and flavors, good wine becomes a protagonist in a scenario of pampering the senses and culinary culture.”
The beginning: “a little gastronomic adventure in Italy “
“In 1992, being a chef by trade and always having difficulties with Italian tourists, I decided to live a little culinary adventure in Italy for six months and are part of the culinary culture of the southern part of the peninsula. Arriving at Ischia, an island not far from Naples, I had the good fortune and pleasure to be hired (as a dishwater of course) at the restaurant which over the years became the story of my life and that of my family. The following year, in March, I left for a new experience in Sicily (Siracusa), and in November 1994 I returned home. In May 1995 I decided to go again, but this time in Madrid with my wife. The Spanish adventure was short (3 months) and with my wife I returned to where my heart was pulling me to at Ischia, the restaurant where I was fascinated, NEPTUNUS. Here I stayed from August 1995 to March 2002 where we were very appreciated and become one of their family. ”
Coming home and nostalgia for Neapolitan cuisine
“Since 2002 I transferred to Bologna where I stayed with my family until 2005 when I decided to return home. In recent years I have managed to accumulate a great wealth of gastronomic experience with fresh pasta, sweets, game meat, and others … but me and my heart have always remained in Ischia, in Naples and the restaurant has changed my life. I left for six months and I was charmed by this paradise that gave upheaval my professional career in an unexpected way. Through all these years I have developed a passion for the kitchen and I became passionate about their culture, continuing today to document and realize my dreams in what I know how to do best … the kitchen.
I returned home, I wanted to give my experience to other young people, to be able to teach many of my secrets. So after a pretty good period in Romania, I decided to do what I had left in my soul and opened the “gates” of a restaurant to be an ambassador of Neapolitian cuisine, and other regions where I had passed.”
Continuing: Neptunus opened its gates
“Ristorante Neptunus was first opened in Bucharest in July 2006 and then in Brasov in June 2008. Both restaurants are their own business, without associates, managed by family members. The menu and recipes preparation is done under the strict guidance of the promoter who is also the chef and the restaurant, meaning he who is “telling the story” now. Unlike most other restaurants, ours is the focus of our family, in order to always have outstanding service and product quality.

I hope that my experience and family can give all our customers a moment of happiness and feel the taste and scent of this wonderful cuisine, that I consider great.”
Program: Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 10pm


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