Samsara Foodhouse is located at no. 5 Stefan Ludwig Roth Street, Cluj-Napoca. The exquisite restaurant is strategically located in an area that can be seen as a transit zone – between the Center, the traffic on the streets and the silence of the fortress. A nice terrace, with small lanterns gives the place charm as bikes animate the otherwise quiet space.

What you will find upon entering Samsara? A space that is intimate and open at the same time, a friendly atmosphere with relaxing music in the background, stylish design that can create, as you sit, a pleasant feeling of comfort. Samsara Foodhouse offers you over 70 different food specialties, all vegetarian or raw vegan.

If you’re not familiar with what vegetarian or raw vegan food means like many others, you tend to think you’re limited in options. Through browsing the menu at Samsara, you’ll discover that there is no question of any restriction, but the alternative with which many of us are familiar alternatives to that, if you call at least once in a while, your health would see an improvement…

Program: Daily: 11am – 11pm


0364 889 278
0736 073 073


CityCard offers provided by this location

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At Samsara Foodhouse Cluj you benefit from a 5% discount on consumptions. The offer is valid from Monday until Thursday, between 2-6pm.
- 5%